RPM Consulting can significantly increase your chance of project success through the use of project reviews during the project cycle.

Independent Project Review

Independent Project Review (IPRs) are project management mechanisms that enable an unbiased, outside expert to assess a project’s progress & health and recommend course corrections or point out improvement opportunities. RPM Consulting offers flexible review options including:

  • A Readiness Assessment using a phase gated approach. This review methodology is based upon concept of a project passing through a series of gates, or checkpoints, as it moves from concept through approval, design, and implementation. Our readiness review ensures that sufficient information is available, and that the required processes and approvals are in place in order to make an informed decision on moving through a gate to the next phase.
  • Project Health Check that will review the objectives, scope, budget, schedule as well as the approach and management of the project.  This gives the client a qualified view of whether or not the project is on track, highlighting any emerging issues and identifying actions required to proactively address them.
  • A Full Project Review is utilized when a project is in trouble. Our review process provides a comprehensive assessment of the project, including an analysis of the core issues and the development of an action plan to get things back on track.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability Reviews integrate construction knowledge into the planning and design to ensure that a project is biddable, buildable, and maintainable. In this process we complete a virtual walkthrough of the entire construction process using the design drawings and specifications to evaluate the details and determine if there is incorrect or missing information in the documents.  As seasoned construction project management professionals, we have years of expertise in seeing what has worked and, even more importantly, what has not.

Inspection & Review Services

RPM Consulting also provides expert Inspection & Review Services for specific issues or defects identified in infrastructure or facilities. We can inspect and assess the issue and provide an action plan to rectify the issue with an engineered solution and estimated costs. RPM can then work with the client to procure and manage the implementation of the repair or replacement strategy to ensure the work is completed correctly and efficiently.