Capital Planning and Programming

Having a Capital Plan promotes the provision of continuous efficient services. RPM has the experience and expertise to facilitate the entire Capital Planning process.  We work with clients to identify long-term capital projects, assess the project needs and requirements, and develop a project scope, schedule and estimated cost. We assemble these projects into a Capital Planning document and work with our client to develop prioritization criteria.  The final plan identifies and describes the capital projects, the years in which funding each project is to occur and the method of funding. RPM is familiar with the many available sources of funding (taxes, levies, grants, debentures), which is invaluable in the development of a sustainable financial plan.

Asset Management Planning

Asset Management Planning focuses on assets that an organization already owns and operates. It is a systematic process which allows for the maintenance, upgrading and operation of an organization’s physical assets in a cost effective manner. Asset management is about making informed decisions with an understanding of service level, risk, and cost.

While many consulting companies will offer to develop an asset management plan or system for a client, we believe that Asset Management needs to be “owned” by the organisation.  We have extensive experience in this area and can provide knowledge, advice and mentoring to support the development of policies and process to support Asset Management Planning. We can also assist with the implementation of Asset Management by setting up the systems needed to identify & categorize assets, establishing plans to determine condition levels and developing strategies and costs for replacement or rehabilitation.