RPM Consulting recognizes that each client and each project has different and unique objectives.  We provide our knowledge, skills and experience as little or as much as required in order to achieve these objectives. This can range from mentoring and assisting staff in an advisory role to complete management of the project as the Owner’s Representative.  We have the experience and understanding to be able to work independently or to integrate into an organization’s existing project management office.

About Project Management

Planning is the most important phase in a project. It is in this phase that the direction of the project is established, the delivery method is selected, the owner’s expectations are set and standards are defined. Our planning process and documentation work to reduce risks and ensure all the key items have been defined before moving forward to the design stage.

Design takes the owners needs and requirements and translates them from a conceptual stage into drawings and specifications that can be used to construct the project. RPM Consulting uses our experience in construction engineering to conduct constructability reviews to ensure the proposed design elements can be effectively and efficiently translated from paper to the real world. We work closely with the end users to ensure their expectations and requirements are achieved.

During Construction, RPM’s responsibility is to oversee the Contractor and manage the Contract ensure that defined standards are being followed and that the Owner’s interests are being served.  We work with the owner to establish a Quality Assurance program and procure the necessary resources to ensure the Contractor is meeting the quality requirements of the contract.

Turnover & Closeout occurs when substantial completion of construction allows for a newly constructed asset to be turned over to the owner. RPM Consulting works closely with their Clients through the planning, design and construction phase to identify fit out requirements and to ensure that there is a seamless transition from construction to operations.

Financial & Schedule Tracking happens on an ongoing basis during the project, not just during the construction phase. RPM believes that being continually aware of the health of the project allows for corrective actions to be applied if required to ensure the project will be completed on schedule and in budget. Rigorous tracking also ensures that the Client has accurate, current information to meet their reporting requirements.

The Procurement process starts by determining what delivery method is right for each project. Whether it is design-bid-build, design-build, construction management, P3 or a hybrid approach, RPM Consulting works with the client to determine which method would be best suited to ensure success. We can provide full procurement services or work with an organisation’s procurement department to develop Requests for Proposals, Requests for Prequalification or Tenders. RPM provides oversight to ensure all proponents are treated fairly and equitably and that the appropriate contracts are in place before the work begins.

Benefits of Hiring a Project Management Professional

When a major project comes up in an organization, the role of Project Manager is often assigned to a staff member as an additional part of their everyday duties. Many “assigned” Project Managers, and their projects, are not successful because they lack the time to manage the project properly while still doing their regular job and they don’t have the specific expertise required. For organizations that do not have an on-going need for full-time Project Managers, the use of a third party project management professional can be ideal. The fees of a good project manager are quickly recovered through early involvement in the planning and design phase to prevent costly rework and changes during construction.