The Facts About UAV Operations

The operation of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) is regulated by Transport Canada through rules of use that are defined in the Canadian Air Regulations. For commercial operations, Section 602.41 states that “no person shall operate an unmanned air vehicle in flight except in accordance with a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC).” Violation of the CARs can bring substantial penalties: up to $5,000 for an individual and a corporate penalty of $25,000.

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Our Commitment

RPM Aerial Imaging (a division of RPM Consulting Services Inc.) operates under a Transport Canada approved SFOC that allows us to operate throughout Alberta. We provide $2.0 million General Liability Insurance coverage with a $1 million aircraft endorsement. All of our pilots have completed UAV training through the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Operations.

We understand the Nav Canada coordination process and requirements and have successfully completed several projects in in Class C Airspace adjacent to the Edmonton International Airport.

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Our Equipment

RPM Aerial operates an Inspire 1 multirotor UAV with a stabilized camera and quality optics capable of 4k video recording. Dual controls allow the pilot to operate the aircraft while a second operator can independently operate the onboard camera, offering better control & superior images. In addition to the DJi control and monitoring application, we utilize other software apps for projects that require mapping or other automated flight controls.

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Our Services

RPM Aerial Imaging can provide photographs, high-quality video and post-production editing & correction.

Aerial Imaging

  • Real Estate Development
  • Special Events
  • Orthomosaic Site Maps
  • Promotional & Marketing Materials

Construction Inspection / Documentation

  • Pre-Construction Inspection
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Project Documentation
  • Site Survey and Mapping for Excavation and Stockpile Quantities
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • LEED Site Credit Documentation

Infrastructure Inspections

  • Wind and Solar Installations
  • Buildings
  • Towers
  • Future Thermography

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Featured Projects